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More than Magic in a Bottle

Branding for Centarom - A Luxury Fragrance Destination

Client: Centarom Niche India

Centarom is a luxury brand curating designer and niche fragrances from across the globe to create a fine sensory experience. Centarom is a premium destination for fragrance lovers and for aficionados who appreciate the value of tastefully curated brands. Every brand under the Centarom umbrella is unique, elegant and a symbol of elegance.

Centarom has a stellar offline presence in one of the most loved luxury malls – UB City, Bangalore. The brand aimed at foraying into the online world with a strong brand presence, one that resonated with its ethos.


Creating a brand new visual identity with a strong brand recall and one that relays the luxe nature of the brand at a glance. Centarom is a brand that sits well in the luxury segment, but since the brand does not specifically have products of its own but curates luxury brands under its umbrella, a brand identity that depicted it as a go-to destination was to be established.
Centarom 16
Centarom 03


Centarom partnered for branding with OneAndOnlyDesign, a digital marketing agency in India to create a strong brand identity that reflected its ethos and sent a strong visual message to lovers of luxury and lovers of fragrances. Through continuous strategic and creative efforts iterations, One and Only Design was able to reaffirm Centarom’s position as a powerhouse of fragrances bringing the best brands across the globe under one roof. This branding case study will harp on all the aspects of creating a stellar brand identity.

To position Centarom as a go-to destination for niche & luxury fragrances.


  1. Establish a strong brand identity
  2. Establish resonance
  3. Establish affluence and luxe as an aesthetic

To craft branding that resonated with this objective, a thoughtful blend of colors, symbols, and renditions was used.

Every brand’s identity is an extension of what the brand believes in and the value it brings to the table. In addition, the brand identity helps the brand give its audience a peek into the value that the brand offers. When developing the brand identity for Centarom, an extensive amount of research, time and effort went into studying the brand, it’s nitty gritties and the target market.
Centarom 18
Centarom 15


The process of creating a strong brand identity started off with creating a logo.

A logo makes the first impression on a brand and it is crucial that it encapsulates the ethos of a brand and relays it in a glimpse. Centarom, connoisseurs of luxury fragrances approached One and Only Designs to create a logo that captured the essence of magic and luxe it symbolized.


Centarom is synonymous with luxury, uniqueness and charm. Another symbol of nature that perfectly embodies the values of this brand was the ‘Peacock feather’. A rare sight and often a symbol of majesty and charisma, the feather served as inspiration for the logo.

Centarom 04 1

The Royal Motif

Ancient cultures like Greeks, Egyptians, and Romans praised the beauty of Peacocks given their beauty and vibrant colors. The sight of a peacock was thought to be a gift from the gods and so they were highly valued as a luck-bringing sign of bounty.

The logo takes inspiration from the peacock feather. Rare and regal, the peacock feather is a symbol of majesty and charisma.

Color Palette

Colors play a pivotal role in crafting brand identity and giving the first impression through a glance. Choosing the right colors, the perfect palette and tones goes a long way, and through meticulous selection, a color palette that reflected the essence of the brand was selected.

The color palette used for the logo resonated with the aesthetic of the brand. The colors gold and dark velvet (a rich hue of purple) were chosen as primary hues.

The color palette resonates with the ethos of the brand. Primary tones and complementary tones made up the palette that would go on to become the pillars of all branding collaterals.

Centarom 05
Centarom 06

Luxurious. Tasteful. Elegant.

A melange of premium colors amalgamated to bring a luxurious story to life

Real-Life Rendition

Centarom 07
Centarom 08
Centarom 09
Centarom 10
Centarom 11
Centarom 12

Aesthetics at Play

This entire process led to the final outcome as envisioned by the brand: ‘Designing the perceived value of luxury and affluence.’

Conceptualizing a strong brand identity is a feat that begins the mark of greatness for a brand. From increasing awareness to setting your brand apart from your competitors, a well-crafted brand identity can work wonders. As a leading digital marketing agency Bangalore, OneAndOnlyDesign has successfully aced the branding game for many brands. Could yours be the next?

Centarom 14
Centarom 13
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