Case Study

Branding for Aubree

Making the Sweet Moments in life worthwhile

Client: Aubree Haute Chocolaterie

This case study illustrates how Aubree established itself as a premium confectionery brand with strong visual language & creative expertise.

About Aubree

Aubree is a Bangalore-based, patisserie-inspired brand focused on creative craftsmanship. Aubree is famous for its authentic desserts and unique cakes that are known to spark emotion and satiate the sweet tooth. Aubree is an award-winning brand that has bagged the “Patisserie of the Year” award for two years in a row.

Partnering With OneAndOnly Design Agency

Aubree partnered with OneAndOnly Design, a leading branding agency in Bangalore to strengthen the brand presence and reflect their creativity as their ethos onto all properties online and offline.

OneAndOnly Design chalked out the scope wherein 4 areas needed direction and creative expertise.

  • Website
  • Social Media
  • Packaging

It is often said that one consumes food with the eyes first, so, visual aesthetics are of utmost importance when it comes to F&B brands. Our creative expertise in depicting products not just on a 20,000 ft level but with eye to detail, enabled us to position the brand as a luxury dessert destination.

1 3
2 3
3 3
4 3
5 1
Aubree 06


Crafting a website takes a lot of planning and timely execution. For Aubree, we revamped the site, deploying custom design on each of the pages, carefully positioning the product category as a star in its niche, and calling out the unique elements that make the Aubree creation a class apart.

The website was carefully designed and segregated based on a detailed user journey map. The thoughtful placement of products in addition to the visual aesthetics and crisp copy encouraged users to take swift action.

aubree screen 1
aubree signages 1
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Social Media

To create a stellar, award-winning presence on Social media channels, primarily Facebook and Instagram, we crafted a strategy that would entail letting the products speak for themselves with strong visuals and minimal copy.

Aubree’s presence on social media ended up winning a notable accolade.

  • Agency Reporter Front Benchers 2022
  • NYX Awards
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2nd 1

Branding for Aubree in a Nutshell

  • Minimal
  • Aesthetic
  • Luxurious
  • Desirable

Each element represented what Aubree aspired to portray itself – as a luxury dessert brand that is powered by passion and innovation.

Aubree 07
Aubree 02
Aubree 03
Aubree 04
Aubree 05

Aligning your brand with the brand identity leaves a long-lasting impression on the minds of your audience for longer than you can imagine. As a leading branding agency in India, OneAndOnly Design Agency has successfully aced the branding game for many brands. Could yours be the next?

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