Case Study

Vootla Farms

A pioneering concept in green living

Client: Vootla Farms

Providing excellent investment opportunities as well as promoting sustainable living was at the heart of Vootla Farms’ mission. An emphasis was to be placed on presenting it as a pioneering concept in green living around Bangalore.

About Vootla

Vootla Farms is a thoughtful initiative by two nature enthusiasts who have put significant effort into designing sustainable living solutions. A home at Vootla Farms provides an opportunity to experience culture, nature, and sustainability away from the hustle and bustle of city life. The project spans over 25 acres and offers plots ideal for building a home in the middle of nature.


Vootla Farms intended to create a unique level of green lifestyle. An ideal living environment would be one that meets all of the parameters of nature, inclusive habitat, and green living. As the project scope was extensive, it was important to convey a clear message without confusing the audience. It was the thrust of Vootla Farms to inspire people to choose and live a green lifestyle in close proximity to Bengaluru.

Vootla logo 1
Vootla brochure


There is a strong connection between nature and mankind. Nature’s diverse elements delight the soul, fascinate you with their beauty, and amaze you at every turn. It has become more and more popular to live and experience life on a farm or invest in farm properties. Over the years, the need for farm experience activities has increased. Creating an aesthetic appeal for a farm and presenting it on different platforms requires a great deal of skill. With great content, aesthetics, and alignment, we wanted to capture Vootla’s diverse elements meticulously.


  • Unique brand introduction
  • To create emotional connect
  • Engaging content
  • Appealing visual communication
Vootla logo 2
Vootla logo colors


It is rare to see a residential plot with permaculture facilities in Bangalore. Understanding its various unique propositions such as an investment in Vootla Farms provides its owners with much more than just residential space. Having farm-fresh food in your kitchen and being used to organic living truly can be a divine experience for many.


A strong understanding of a brand, mission, and values is essential for effective visual communication. We wanted to design visual information that was appealing and stimulating, allowing easy familiarity for the audience with little effort, and finally facilitating the connection with stored memory. We planned to do brand visualization and communication for the followings:

  • Website
  • Brochure
Vootla stationery 1
Vootla stationery 2

The Logo Story

A logo is an instrumental element in establishing a brand, capturing attention, leaving a lasting impression, and communicating a message effectively. We believe that Vootla’s logo must convey our passion for creating sustainable living as it communicates the core values of the company and sets the stage for all subsequent messaging and communication. It was a must to use elements that extend a brand’s thought process when depicting farm living and agriculture.

The look and feel of an ecosystem were incorporated into Vootla’s logo, including trees, birds, nests, offspring, fruit, fencing, and huts. Colors in the logo evoked emotions and set the tone for Vootla’s brand value.

Vootla logo options
Vootla logo options end


An effective brochure or website must capture the prospect’s attention, pique their interest enough to read further, raise their desire for the product or service and initiate a call to action. It was important to us that the audience understood some of the never-before-seen concepts and services that Vootla Farms would be introducing. As part of the designing strategy, we adhered to the “Don’t sell but tell” principle and focused on the benefits Vootla Farms will provide to its buyers. Designing for Vootla Farms was driven by our desire to attract quality investors. We utilized a number of design elements, including color, texture, images, shapes, and content, to impress the audience at first glance and pique their interest.

Vootla stationery 3
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