The role of media agencies in shaping public opinion

The role of media agencies in shaping public opinion

Humans are curious by nature and are always eager to learn about their surroundings. In order to remain informed, most people turn to the media for information. The Media plays a crucial role in our daily lives and has become an integral part of modern society. In a society, public opinion refers to a mix of opinions, views, beliefs, and attitudes of a comparatively significant population segment on a particular topic.

With the advent of digital communication, creative agencies play a critical role in shaping public opinion. There are a number of branding and creative agencies that offer a variety of services related to the creation, planning, and execution of advertising campaigns. To reach the public, these agencies use a variety of communication channels, including TV, radio, newspapers, social media, and other digital platforms.

Ramprasad Raju, Co-founder and Creative Director at OneAndOnlyDesign, discusses media agencies as opinion shapers:

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It is important for companies and organizations to understand how the public feels about popular issues, and a branding agency can play a role in shaping public opinion through their communication strategies. Effective communication can create an emotional connection with the audience and influence their perceptions and attitudes toward a brand or issue.

However, it is also important for companies to be mindful of the potential backlash that their campaigns may receive. While a campaign may resonate with some audiences, it may also be perceived as insensitive or inappropriate by others.

The Lakshman Rekha campaign by Vadilal Ice creams is an example of a campaign that used a cultural reference to promote social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic. While the campaign was relevant and connected with the Indian consumers, some critics argued that it perpetuated gender stereotypes and was insensitive towards women.

Overall, it is important for companies to be thoughtful and considerate in their communication strategies, and to be open to feedback and criticism from their audiences. By doing so, they can build stronger relationships with their customers and avoid damaging their brand reputation.

Social Desirability

When it comes to shaping public opinion, social desirability is an important consideration. Essentially, this means that people tend to form their opinions based on what they perceive to be the popular view. In today’s world of viral news and trends, opinions can quickly become amplified across various media platforms.

Branding agencies play a role in both following and creating trends. They produce content that can quickly gain traction and influence public opinion. A prime example of this was Hima Das’ victory in July 2019, which received widespread attention and moment marketing from various brands.

Beyond just cricket, Indians are increasingly paying attention to and showing appreciation for other athletic games. Overall, it’s clear that branding agencies can have a significant impact on shaping public opinion and influencing popular trends.


Framing is another way creative agencies shape public opinion. Essentially, this involves presenting a particular issue or story in a way that influences how people view it. It is possible for the agencies to create a particular narrative surrounding an issue by selecting certain words, images, and other elements to accompany the story.

The brand Dove, for example, has evolved from merely being a beauty soap to one that celebrates women in every capacity, regardless of their race, gender, or physical appearance.

Agenda Setting

Media outlets indeed play a crucial role in shaping the way the public perceives, interprets, and evaluates information. At times, people tend to blindly follow what the media tells them without investigating its validity and doing a critical analysis of it. The media can both positively and negatively influence public opinion. Agencies have often adopted the agenda-setting theory of communication. By picking up topics and issues and creating awareness and movement around them.

Today, content is more accessible than ever, and it shapes public opinion on a wide range of topics. Creating accurate, ethical, and constructive content is the responsibility of content creators.

In order to create meaningful content, creators must welcome diverse viewpoints and opinions for society and look forward to constructive dialogue and understanding.

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