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Brand Architecture For SWFI

About SWFI

SWFI, or the Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute, is a global organization that analyzes the assets of public asset owners, such as sovereign wealth funds and other long-term governmental investors.

Initially, the Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute focused exclusively on sovereign wealth funds. The firm has now expanded to include all types of public and institutional investors. In addition to selling subscriptions and APIs, the institute provides the media with information about financial data.


SWFI expressed the need for a rebranding, knowing that it would provide an updated professional look and feel. In our experience, rebranding is done by organizations as part of their process to evolve, shift, and retarget potential audiences. For SWFI’s rebranding project, OneAndOnlyDesign sought to develop a collection of visuals, communication, and features that could capture the eminence of the organization.
SWFI logo tagline
SWFI color


Developing a cohesive corporate branding strategy is not an easy task. It may take months to complete the design process, conduct content reviews, and manage the project. Branding and identity are the outward expressions of what a company wants to convey about itself. We were challenged to unlock the inherent value of the brand and create new opportunities for greater business success.


  • Reach a new audience
  • Make SWFI stand out
  • Stay relevant in the industry
  • Introduce new products, services, or values
SWFI identity
SWFI logo options


The first step in any rebranding strategy should be to thoroughly understand the business rationale behind the rebranding. As a next step, secondary research was conducted on SWFI and their clients, their positioning, appearances, and media placement. It required extensive research at various levels, and OneAndOnlyDesign researched various aspects such as the best logo techniques for this industry, overused logo techniques, and the dominant customers.


As a design and content creation agency, we created different visual treatments and content creation to convey the story of SWFI. In our view, it was important to reflect SWFI’s authenticity in terms of its brand values, tone, positioning, and the clear expression of a thought leader in the investment field. A representation of strength, courage, wisdom, and power was represented by the eagle in the logo. In branding and marketing, red is a bold and active color.

There are many strong corporate brands that use red in their logos. It feels bold and energetic. As a symbol of power, energy, and emotion, red was recognized as SWFI’s color. The different branding deliverables followed the striking and dominant contrast of red and white color. We understand that call-to-action colors should match the state of mind of an audience. There is no better combination than red and white since they represent power and clarity, respectively. So when the world thinks of investment, financial literacy, and data, SWFI comes to mind.

SWFI brooches
SWFI flag


Based on their brief for products that demonstrate accuracy, reliability, and trustworthiness, OneAndOnlyDesign delivered a wide variety of branding solutions. A red and white theme was used for the logo, website, brand book, stationery, merchandise, and a marketing kit that included brochures, membership primers, and reports. In addition, the Event Microsite was an influential component of the rebranding exercise, because it allowed visitors to browse global data in a convenient manner.

As part of SWFI’s umbrella, the agency produced 60 scripts and did post-production work on videos about sovereign wealth funds around the world. We are also in the process of redesigning their website completely to give it a more professional appearance.

At OneAndOnlyDesign, we united different visual and content assets under a new brand architecture, leveraging both the name and the reputation of the company.

SWFI logo full
SWFI business card
SWFI magazine
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