Client: Zaurya RealTech


Zaurya is a full-stack, modern age, online real estate marketplace. It is a tech-enabled platform that not only caters to the needs of the Customers but also facilitates Developers and property advisors, thereby creating an interdependent ecosystem that benefits everyone.


They wanted us to provide an integrated platform that could showcase the Curated properties of qualified developers PAN India. They believe that every individual has specific needs when they want to buy a home and wanted to develop a website that would include all the specifications that could help people search for properties.

Our Solution

We were able to help Zaurya develop a website that conveyed; there is a home for every home buyer that can be owned without hassles. To bring their vision to life we created a series of unique characters taking into account client specifications to create a Website that would be the voice of personalization. Even the design was customized and not theme-based, to further suit the unique proposition they were offering to the market. Even the content was developed to match the tone and voice of the brand and covers the intrinsic details of the brand identity.


Ever since it has gone live, the Zaurya website has been a huge success. With the innovative web design and creative content, we were able to reach our target audience. The Social Media creatives further promoted the brand and their offering, establishing Zaurya as everyone’s preferred choice for home buying solutions. We have observed a positive shift in key metrics and better customer engagement.
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