Client: Cocoon Consulting


Cocoon Consulting, with over two decades of experience, goes beyond the boundaries of a classic consulting organisation. It is a collaboration of vibrant individuals and firms from across India and Asia. Their consultancy includes experts in neuroscience, governance, design thinking, to name a few. They remain committed to making organisations, teams, and leaders stronger to achieve the business goals.


They wanted a website that would stand out and project the singularity of their brand. They wanted to achieve this without using stock imagery, icons or illustrations. The design had to be simple without any of the fancy flourishes, with faster loading times and better compatibility between screen sizes.

Our Solution

We decided to apply the principle of ‘Less Is More’ to deliver a website design that was simple, crisp and unique. By adopting a minimalist yet creative philosophy we were able to develop a design that centred around the content. Our developer started with the content and build an optimal interface that helps the user navigate with ease. Even with the restricted palette of design elements, the website makes a bold statement with its elegant layout and clever use of white space.


The minimalist aesthetics used in the website for Cocoon Consulting, creates a sense of class. The visual treatment is perfect to keep the focus on the text. The simple UI design is attuned to mobile browsing, without harming the desktop or user experience. The progressions in technology have definitely opened up new possibilities in design, yet paradoxically our minimalist site design proved that less can indeed mean more.
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