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So many businesses fail to effectively communicate what they do, failing to create an emotive response with their clients. At One And Only Design, we exist to change that by delivering beautiful brand identities, that also have meaning and concept behind them. 

In this blog post, we explain how we build successful brands for our clients with simplicity and elegance.

We kick start the process with a branding questionnaire followed by a meeting to understand how our client wants to see the brand positioned. We also find out if they have any existing collateral or inspiration for reference. This helps us gather all the information we need to get started.

The next few days are spent in thorough research into competitors and inspiration, analysing the information gathered and building a strategy to create a unique proposition for the brand. This cohesive strategy will become the foundation for the visualisation of the new brand identity and will be presented to the client for feedback and subsequent sign-off.

This is then followed by the creation of the brand visual where the findings from the brand proposition work will influence our mood board creation. Initially, we will develop 4 or 5 creative routes for the identity which will be presented to the key stakeholders, followed by discussions to arrive at the most favoured route.

The chosen creative route helps us create the logo marks and identity, as well as brand touch-points to see how the overall brand will look. We will insightfully select fonts to support the new brand identity- a header font and a body copy font, which complement each other and portray the attributes of the brand. We also focus on the graphic elements or systems to support the branding and also suggest a new or evolved colour palette and/or textures to support the identity. 

All this will be added to a digital Brand Guidelines Document which will be your organisation’s guide on the brand proposition, tone of voice, how to apply logos, fonts, systems, colours, textures, plus advice on brand touch-points. Moving forward this document will be your guide on how to apply the new identity and keep the branding consistent.

Your business needs to constantly evolve to stay on top of the game. We offer branding packages that range from in-depth Brand Proposition work to the evolution of logo development pieces. Want to stand out? Feel free to reach out to us today!

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