Case Study

DAD - Digital Assets Donation

Branding for DAD - A Global Foundation

Client: DAD

This case study illustrates how a brand is built and developed from scratch. As a branding agency working closely with Patel Foundation, DAD is a project close to the heart, a work of passion, and the labor of creativity.

About the Client

DAD is a non-profit organization – a brainchild of philanthropists who have also successfully scaled and led many other not-for-profit organizations in the United States. As a public foundation, DAD harps on the pressing issues in the world, and solves them through innovative and new-age solutions.

The foundation focuses on the underprivileged 5E

  1. Environmental disaster relief
  2. Economic disaster relief
  3. Entrepreneurial empowerment initiatives
  4. Education enablement initiatives
  5. Earth Care Awareness

DAD aims at solving these pressing issues through crypto donations. The foundation aims to appeal to and invite all existing crypto owners, crypto investors, and crypto entrepreneurs to donate to a social cause in the form of digital assets. These digital assets are then used for a greater cause – to solve the 5E challenge that the world is currently facing.


The crypto space is often viewed as futuristic, but the ones who have already ventured into it know the ecosystem. To appeal to an audience that is already well-versed in crypto and convincing them to be part of the larger cause is a challenge that a compelling brand story can solve.

Challenges 01
DAD logo 01 sketch


DAD chose One & Only Design, a branding agency in Bangalore to create a unique brand identity that would reflect its essence and appeal to its audience – the quintessential crypto owner to join DAD’s mission of solving the 5E challenge and moving towards a better future. This branding case study will harp on all the aspects of creating a stellar brand identity for DAD – A global foundation.


  1. Establish a strong brand identity
  2. Establish resonance with crypto owners
  3. Establish authority as a changemaker


  1. Research: To create a stellar visual language and brand identity for DAD, we started with data collection and analysis. We conducted a study to deeply understand the goals and market positioning, and to learn as much as possible about the audience. This helps to think strategically and expands the framework of ideas.
  2. Connect: Homonyms are an interesting tool and quite frankly, a game-changer when it comes to branding.
    a) Dad means support
    b) Dad means role model
    c) Dad means care

Messaging Pillar

We support, we care, we take responsibility, and we will be role models in initiating change for the greater good.


Storytelling as a tool

When we heard the story behind DAD and the vision it aims to bring to life, we immediately thought of a story that could help people connect with the brand. With the homonym connect, DAD is often a father figure, protector, and caregiver. DAD as a foundation does the same to digital assets while furthering a cause – to make a better world for everyone.

DAD logo 02 options
DAD logo 03 charachter


The combination of simple letter shapes of the abbreviation reminds us of the eyes and the beak of a baby penguin. It is looking with interest through a crack in the egg’s shell. It is cheerful and calm because Daddy is around.

DAD logo 04 charachterpattern
DAD logo 05 charachter gamification
DAD stationery 01 BC

Color Palette

Orange is playful, energetic and young. As a brand, DAD appeals to a young audience that believes in the momentum of the vision DAD brings to the table.

The idea is to evoke emotions to promote change, to draw attention to issues that matter. To make the change!

This entire process led to the final outcome as envisioned by the brand:

Designing a brand identity true to the brief

DAD stationery 01 all
DAD stationery 03 cups
DAD stationery 04 bag
DAD stationery 05 bag
DAD stationery 06 lighter
DAD stationery 00 cover

A strong brand identity leaves a strong impression on the minds of your audience for longer than you can imagine. As a leading branding agency in India, One and Only Design has successfully aced the branding game for many brands. Could yours be the next?

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