B2B Social Media Guide

B2B Social Media Guide

According to a survey conducted in the year 2021, 4.48 billion of the world’s population currently use social media. The number is all set to grow even further. With such a vast number of people engaged in social media, it is only wise to use a social media marketing agency in India for marketing and sales gain for any business.

People often confuse social media marketing as a platform just for B2C businesses, but in recent times it has proved to be an excellent fuel for the sales funnel of B2B businesses as well as B2C. But what differs for both of these businesses in social media marketing is the strategy behind putting content on the various platforms of social media.

The strategy can be structured around anything and everything, including the kinds of posts suitable for different platforms, the frequency of these posts, and the content involved in the same according to the target audience.

In this guide, let us look at the importance of social media marketing, platforms to use for best results, and how to create an effective strategy for social media marketing as a B2B business.

Importance of social media marketing

Social media assists brands in interacting with and connecting with their existing customers and potential customers. Although in B2B, you are connected and engaged with other businesses, Social media marketing can help you achieve various objectives like

  • Generating and maintaining leads
  • Creating and spreading brand awareness
  • Growing your existing and potential audience
  • Maintaining as well as building brand authenticity
  • Promotion
  • Direct customer interaction
  • Build a community
  • Build trust
  • Create engaging, brand-specific and unique content

Even if we keep these marketing advantages aside that mostly include selling your product or service, there are various other perks that social media has curtained the businesses with.
Linkedin is a useful platform for building professional relationships and network connections. According to statistics more than 90% of Instagram users use Instagram to follow brands and businesses while Facebook is used by more than half of the world’s social media users. Hence social media can be an essential as well as a somewhat handy (literally) tool for marketing for B2B marketers.

Platforms to use

There are ample platforms to choose from when it comes to social media and choosing more or every option available might sound tempting. But remember, if the cheese is free, it might just be a trap. What we mean by this is it’s better to focus on a few platforms according to your goals and your target audience rather than trading your time, money, and efforts somewhere you won’t generate any significant results.

Following are a few popular social media platforms to start with:

  • Linkedin- A place where you can present yourself as an established industry and a thought leader
  • Instagram- A platform where you can create the most engaging content, interact with your customers, and build brand awareness.
  • Facebook- The platform which has the highest reach and hence can be used to retain customers and engage more and more potential customers.
  • Twitter- The new age platform where business is developing at an ever-growing pace.
  • Youtube- A platform to share the most high-quality content with your audience.

How to create an effective strategy

Although social media marketing is a new-age marketing strategy, it is as popular as any century-old effective marketing scheme and hence has an ever-growing competition. There are various digital agencies in India and some of the most elite digital marketing agencies for startups in Bangalore that can provide a comprehensive and well-planned strategy, Here are some basic yet crucial strategies from our end to ensure that you can make sure your content is, the storyteller among all the noise.

Set your goals and make them lucid

Know what you expect from your social media platforms. It can be anything ranging from building a community, building trust, growing brand awareness, generating leads and traffic, boosting your sales funnel, or all of it. Just pick out the targets your brand needs and focus accordingly.

Know your target audience

Your target audience decides the platform, content, and social media strategy as a whole. Different types and sections of the audience are more engaged in different platforms. For example, Pinterest is one of the biggest platforms used mostly by women, while youngsters mostly use Instagram, the middle-aged population is far more active on Facebook, while LinkedIn can be useful for most B2-B brands as it’s a platform built for the same. Hence you can narrow down your content according to the demographics of your target audience.

Keeping track of KPIs

You can use various metrics like click-throughs, likes, reach, and engagement rates to keep track of your strategy performance so that you can upgrade and refurbish your plan accordingly and monitor your progress in achieving your targets and goals. You can also peek at the performance of your competitors and analyze what is more or less they are offering that you can compensate for.


Today, social media is a key component of B2B marketing, and hence, It needs careful and appropriate management. It starts with a thorough B2B social media plan that makes sure you’re communicating the correct messages on the right channels and tracking the right metrics with the best social media management tools.

You can begin your B2B social campaign with confidence knowing that your content will be distributed to your target audience without being lost in the noise if you have the correct guidance or one of the top digital marketing agencies of Bangalore supporting you.

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