5 Ways to Make Your Instagram Page Pop


Instagram is a fantastic marketing tool. The platform allows you to connect with your current and potential audience on a human level. It has also encouraged social media users to be more creative. Being an Instagram success story is still achievable, even though there are over 800 million monthly active accounts. But this also means you have a huge audience waiting for you on the platform. A social media marketing agency in India takes you through five ways in which you can make your Instagram page stand out and be the talk of the platform.

Make your page aesthetic

Instagram started out as a platform for sharing photos. Cut to the present day and the video format is much more popular. But what remains unchanged is that if your page is visually captivating at the first glance, you hold the visitor’s attention and most likely convert them into a follower. Your page also gets talked about and shared more. So, choose a color palette or a filter or a frame that you like and bring in some visually pleasing uniformity to your page.

Pick a flavour

Are you a footwear business? Or does your brand sell handmade gifts? In any case, it’s important to know what part of your brand’s story you want to share with the world. Would you like to showcase only the products that you sell? Or do you want to give your audience a taste of the product-making process? Remember, you create a living persona of your brand through social media. Figure out what would you like the world to know you for.

Create shareable content

Take a look at the content that gets the most shares. It’s either content that entertains like memes, cat videos, children’s videos, and dances, or content that adds value like kitchen hacks, mental health questions and physics experiments. If you would like to create shareable content – identify what your brand would like to talk about and then create witty, interactive or value-based content around it.

Make the most of the link on your bio

Have you seen influencers or brands post about a new course or product or video and say “Link in bio’ if you want to enroll in the course, buy that product or watch that full video?

Instagram only allows one link in your bio, and it’s a crucial connection if you’re trying to figure out how to make a decent Instagram feed. After all, this link is critical for driving Instagram traffic. Perhaps you want to promote blog content, sell your product or service, or simply point your followers to your website. Ensure that you use this link to drive your followers to exactly where you want them to go.

Create a cool, relevant handle and display a picture

These are the first things that Instagrammers read and see about you. Since this is a platform that strives for creativity, why not start from your handle itself? Of course, you have to remain relevant as your brand and have clarity on the kind of image that you want to portray. So, if you are clear that the display picture has to be your brand’s logo, go for it. But at the same time, you could create or redesign an eye-catching logo that simply embeds itself in the minds of your audience.

The process of getting recognized and appearing on Instagram is not always easy. You might need some extra set of hands to work on the content along with you. In such times, reach out to the best creative agency for using their creativity and bringing out the best for your Instagram account. A beautiful, shareable piece of content does not require rocket science, but it does require an understanding of our target audience. Experience, expertise and continuity is the key to achieving your goal. Creating a personality for your brand is important while showcasing your content. To let your personality shine and your brand stand out, hire a branding agency in India and let the story be narrated.

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